Become an active member - Join the Progressive Players

The Progressive Players is an amateur dramatic group who aim to present a professional quality show. We are always keen to welcome new members.

The possibilities for getting involved in the theatre are many and varied, and not restricted to appearing on the stage. In addition to performing, the theatre needs people who are creative or good with their hands. You can help with sound, lights, set building, design, box office, publicity, wardrobe, bar work, and more. Most of our active members take on a variety of tasks, so that they are involved in every production in some capacity.

Once a month, a future play is 'read' in the club room. Not an audition, the reading night allows members the opportunity to be heard reading aloud if they wish. It gives members who lack the confidence to perform before a real audience, the chance to 'experience a part' in the company of their friends. For casting purposes, we maintain a volunteer system - people interested in a part put their names forward prior to the casting.

The production committee will always try to cast from the names volunteered before looking for other members to fill the roles, so new members have a good chance of getting a part relatively quickly. It takes a lot of hard work to rehearse for a performance - typical rehearsal schedules occupy 6 weeks or more, so there are normally 2 plays in rehearsal at any one time - overlapping by at least 2 weeks. Typically, rehearsal in the theatre is on 2 week nights, plus Sunday.

Set building begins almost as soon as one play ends. Indeed, it is normal practice for the set of a play to be completely taken down within an hour of the final curtain, to allow the new set to begin construction on the Sunday (next day). Set construction involves carpentry, decoration and scenic painting, as well as dressing with fabrics. Of course, it is considered bad form to do nothing but perform, and it is hoped that when not actively involved in the cast of a play, members will help out on the week of a performance by perhaps stewarding, selling ice creams, or other essential aspects of running the theatre.

So, if you think the theatre has something to offer you, and you have something you can contribute, we want to hear from you! Get in touch to find out when the best time to come along is.

Membership fees: Annual membership £12.00 One off joining Fee £5.00 Contact our Subscription Secretary, Diane Girdlestone by email:

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