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Calendar Girls

Calendar Girls

by Tim Firth


11th - 16th November 2013 - ** Plus a matinée performance on Saturday 16th at 14:15 **



Based on the true story of eleven WI members who posed nude for a calendar to raise money for Leukemia Research, this play has become the fastest selling show in British theatre history. You'll laugh and cry as the story of the Calendar Girls unfolds.

Directed byalthea morison

Jim Scott


Calendar Girls is based on the true story of eleven WI members who posed nude­not naked for a calendar to raise money to buy a new settee for the relatives' room of the local hospital after Annie's husband, John, dies of leukaemia.


The news of the women's charitable venture spreads like wildfire and hordes of press soon descend on the small village in the Yorkshire Dales.

The play is a mix of comedy and pathos, highlighting the strain, all the success and
new found fame put on Chris and Annie's long friendship.


The cast includes new member Lynda Golightly, Shakun Beadle (seen recently in The Crucible) and Will Davies, along with - Anne Hogg, Val Neal and Sylvia Collins, and many others.


Jim Scott


Sylvia Collins

Val Neal

Dawn Bell

Diane Girdlestone

Sylvia Bertie

Sue Clark

Will Davies

Anne Hogg

Jim Race

Pat Campbell

Lynda Golightly

Shakun Beadle

Production team

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Terri Smith

Maureen Duffy, Marie Brown

Lynn Sutton

Mike Keir

Jenni Craig

Mike Keir

Samantha Hutton

Bryony Taylor, Sharone Thompson, Ashley Wilson

Diane Girdlestone