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Calendar Girls

Communicating Doors

by Alan Ayckbourn

9th - 14th December 2013


It is 2014 in a fancy hotel room. When dominatrix, Poopay Dayseer, attempts to escape from a murderous gangster she opens a door to an adjoining room and miraculously finds herself in 1994 and influencing events that happened in 1974! If she plays her cards right she might just save the lives of two other women and change her whole future... A time travelling, comedy-thriller from a master of English theatre.


Paul Manvell

Jane O'Keeffe

Marie Dawson

Pauline Campbell

Steve Bones

Alex Russell

Directed byalthea morison

John Woods


Production team

Stage Manager

Asst Stage Manager




Lighting set

Lighting operate

Sound set

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Gordon Dunlop


Nathan Butterfield

Marie Brown, Eilidh Talman, Trish Turnbull

Sonia Dunlop

Mike Swallow

Andrea O'Neil

Marian Walker

Jenni Craig

Annette Pecher, Lalena Duncan

Sylvia Bertie