Dick Whittington

by Philip Meeks

18th - 24th December 2018, 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM & 7:00 PM

Enjoy panto season at the Little Theatre Gateshead...

King Rat rules Olde London Town and Gateshead lass done good Dame Bella Bluebell faces ruin as her world famous Bluebell stores are overrun with vermin. Enter Dick Whittington to save the day. He’s a hapless lad who’s walked to London all the way from Felling to make his fortune. With the help of Tommy his magical cat, given to him by the wily Fairy Bow Bells, the rats are on the run. But Dick makes a mortal enemy of their menacing monarch who vows to run him out of town. Soon Dick together with Tommy, Bella, her daughter Alice, Captain Cockle and Barnacle his Mate take to the High Seas to find adventure in the strange and mysterious land of Whitley Bay.

Will Bella learn why all the nice girls love a sailor? Will Alice get her hands on Dick? Will Fairy Bow Bells remember her lines? Will our heroes put an end to King Rat’s evil ways once and for all? Find out in the biggest little panto right on your front doorstep this Christmas.