SPRING Season 2019

Progressive Players

Same Time Next Year

by Bernard Slade

14th - 19th Jan 2019

This wildly successful play follows the love affair between Doris and George, both married to other people, who meet once a year. Twenty-five years of manners, morals and a relationship are played out in a beautiful and emotional production.

Sean Turner
Nicola Bache
Christopher Bache

Production Images

Stage Manager Alex Russell
Set Design Robbie Carruthers and Judith Carruthers
Crew Chief Robbie Carruthers
Set Construction Terry Collier Gordon Dunlop Huw Pritchard Gavin Jacques Rob Williams Robbie Carruthers Judith Carruthers
Wardrobe Maureen Duffy & Jo Hall
Prompt Don Walker
Hair Sheila Everett
Lighting & Sound set Robbie Carruthers
Lighting operate Andrea Langeveld
Sound operate Sue Clark
Piano recordings Mike Swallow
Properties Ian Johnson & Sue Hingley
Convenor Kevin Thew

Directed by

Judith Carruthers