AUTUMN Season 2019

Progressive Players

Silas Marner

Adapted by Geoffrey Beevers from the story by George Eliot

2nd - 7th September 2019

Doors open at 6.30pm and all performances commence at 7.15pm

The story, written in Victorian times but set at the end of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth centuries, of a reclusive miser (Marner) whose solitary life is transformed by the arrival of an innocent child. The community they live in and the times they live through are dramatically portrayed.

Don Walker
John Woods
Maureen Duffy
Alex Russell
John Hudson
Al Gonella
Rachel Mark
Nicola Bache
Melissa Palmer

Stage Manager Bill McCormick
Set Design & Crew Chief Gordon Dunlop
Set Construction Gordon Dunlop, Rob Williams
Wardrobe Marie Brown & Lorna Watson
Lighting set Robbie Carruthers
Lighting operate Andrea Langeveld & Jenni Craig
Sound set Mike Keir
Sound operate  
Properties Jo Hall, Michelle Gray, Linda Wilde, Paul Tiplady
Convenor Sue Clark
Assistant Director Jenni Craig

Directed by

Janet Wind