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by Eric Chappell


20th - 25th February 2017


Two couples have been out celebrating an anniversary. Returning to the home of one of the couples, they discover it has been burgled - and apparently the culprit is still on the premises! Or is he?


A comedy thriller from the pen of one of our most reliable writers.


Sandra Bones

Pauline Campbell

Mike Keir

Sean Turner

Richie Hamilton

'Theft' at the Little Theatre Gateshead, February 2017. Shown (left to right) are Sean Turner, Sandra Bones, Mike Keir, Pauline Campbell & Richie Hamilton

Production team
Stage Manager Pat Campbell
Crew Chief George Mavin
Set Construction George Mavin, Gavin Jacques, Terry Collier, John Woods, Huw Pritchard
Design Jim Scott & Pat Campbell
Wardrobe Maureen Duffy & Marie Brown
Prompt Lynn Sutton
Lighting set Phil Campbell
Lighting operate Jenni Craig
Sound set & operate Chris Corbett
Properties Lynda Wilde, Sue Wilson, Kathryn Surgison
Convenor Sue Clark
Assistant Director Diane Girdlestone

Directed by Jim Scott