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  • Wyrd Sisters - Little Theatre Gateshead - December 2016
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Wyrd Sisters

Adapted by Stephen Briggs from the book by Terry Pratchett


12th - 17th December 2016


The late Sir Terry Pratchett's 'Discworld' take on Shakespeare's Scottish Play, with added references to Hamlet, King Lear, an actor/playwright, and 'Sleeping Beauty' (that last one's not Shakespeare surely?)

These witches somehow lack the menace one has come to expect, although their spells can have dramatic effects.

A comic feast.


Marian Walker

Jo Rendall

Marie Dawson

Dawn Mooney

Jim Race

Eddie Collins

Al Gonnella

Kevin Thew

Sam Hutton

Sean Turner

Sylvia Collins

Val Neal

Richie Hamilton

Graeme Rendall

Sam Jakeman

'Wyrd Sisters' at the Little Theatre Gateshead, December 2016. Shown (left to right) are Jo Rendall, Marian Walker and Marie Dawson

Production team
Stage Manager Huw Pritchard
Crew Chief Gordon Dunlop
Creative Set Design Dawn Mooney
Set Construction George Mavin, Gavin Jacques, Terry Collier, John Woods, Huw Pritchard, Gordon Dunlop, Peter Mitchell
Set Painting Artists Dawn Mooney, Susan Petit, Judith Carruthers, Joshua Rothwell-Mooney, Harrison Rothwell-Mooney
Wardrobe Maureen Duffy, Marie Brown & Rachel Argent-Belcher
Prompt Thelma Thompson
Lighting set Robbie Carruthers
Lighting operate Andrea O'Neil
Sound set Mike Keir & Kevin Graham
Sound operate Jenni Craig
Properties Margaret Mavin, Daniella Watson, Susan Petit
Convenor Diane Girdlestone
Hair Sheila Everatt

Directed by Becci Dixon