SPRING Season 2019

Progressive Players

All My Sons

by Arthur Miller

18th - 23rd Feb 2019

An American classic, set at the end of World War II. Joe, a manufacturer of aircraft parts, has consistently denied any involvement in the supply of defective parts to the forces, and allowed his business partner to carry the can. Joe’s family, and that of his partner, face the repercussions..

Eddie Collins
Jane Bowron
Maureen Duffy
Chris Corbett
Chris Hill
Rosie Luffingham
Michael Connelly
Jo Rendall
Jay Clifford
Isaac Ekaterini

Production Images

Stage Manager Gordon Dunlop
Set Design James Soulsby & Gordon Dunlop
Crew Chief Gordon Dunlop
Set Construction Peter Mitchell, Gordon Dunlop Huw Pritchard, Gavin Jacques Rob Williams James Soulsby Owen McDonnell
Wardrobe Jordan Graham, Marie Brown & Marie Dawson
Prompt Marie Dawson
Lighting set Phil Campbell
Lighting operate Andrea Langeveld
Sound set Marian Walker
Sound operate Wayne Fox & Marian Walker
Properties Ian Johnson, Lorna Watson & Al Gonella
Convenor Marie Dawson
Assistant Director Kevin Thew

Directed by

James Soulsby