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'Allo 'Allo

by Jeremy Lloyd & David Croft


3rd - 9th September 2017


Listen very carefully, I will write this only once. A slightly more light-hearted take on World War II will include the dodgiest French and German accents you have ever heard.

René, Edith, and the bar staff await your orders, as long as the Germans have not drunk the place dry first.


Jeff Harpin

Becci Dixon

Trevor Whalley

Maureen Duffy

Kathryn Sergison

Laura Northmore

Dan Wilde

Nicola Bache

Sam Jakeman

John Moses

Bill McCormick

Kevin Graham

Kevin Thew

Diane Girdlestone

Graham Rendall

Neil Radbourne

Chris Corbett

Jenni Craig

Al Gonella

Julie Roberts

Marie Dawson

'Allo 'Allo at the Little Theatre Gateshead, September 2017

Production team
Stage Manager & Crew Chief Huw Pritchard
Assistant Stage Manager Grace Ridley
Set Design Jo Rendall & Huw Pritchard
Set Construction George Mavin, Gordon Dunlop, Terry Collier, Gavin Jaques, John Woods, Chris Hill, Huw Pritchard, Rob Williams, Cathy Williams, Robbie Carruthers, Judith Carruthers, Bruce Davies & Alex Hearne
Wardrobe Marie Brown, Alison McArdle Joanna Hall & Trish Turnbull
Stage Crew Huw Pritchard, Gavin Jaques & George Mavin
Prompt Jane Bowron
Lighting set Phil Campbell
Lighting operate Andrea O'Neil
Sound set Wayen Fox
Sound operate Jane O'Keeffe & Mark O'Keeffe
Properties Daniella Watson, Linda Wilde, Melissa Palmer & Susan Petit
Hair Sheila Everatt
Convenor Sue Clark

Directed by Jo Rendall