SPRING Season 2022

Progressive Players

And a Nightingale Sang

by C P Taylor

21st - 26th March 2022

A heart-warming play which follows the course of World War Two through the eyes of a working-class family in Newcastle, trying to cope with everyday life amid the howling of air raid sirens and the threat of enemy bombers.

Lisa Bell
Zoƫ Slade
Alex Russell
Maureen Duffy
Jim Race
Nathan Butterfield
Bailey Stables

Production Images

Stage Manager Alan Bell
Lighting set Mike & Andrew Swallow
Lighting operate Andrea Langeveld
Sound set Wayne Fox
Sound operate Jane O'Keeffe
Prompt Nicola Bache
Set Design Susan Petit
Crew Chief Dawn Mooney
Construction Team Dawn Mooney, Robbie Carruthers, Rob Hirst, George Mavin, Susan Petit, Elaine Watt, Gavin Jaques, Jude Downing, Huw Pritchard, Judith Carruthers, Michael Iverson
Wardrobe Peter Jones, Polly Ord
Convenor Sylvia Bertie
Props Linda Wilde, Ian Johnson, Jo Gaskell, Zoe Wood
Piano Music Played by Mike Swallow, recorded by Andrew Swallow

Directed by

Janet Wind