SPRING Season 2022

Progressive Players

Breaking the Code

by Hugh Whitemore

6th - 11th June 2022

A biographical drama about the eccentric genius Alan Turing, who played a major role during World War Two by breaking Germany's Enigma code. But Turing broke a code of a different sort, the then criminal act of homosexuality. Sentenced to undergo hormone treatments which left him physically and mentally debilitated, Turing died by suicide, forgotten and alone.

Chris Corbett
Edward Collins
Nathan Butterfield
Marie Thom
Michael Foster
Alan Bell
Tim Clark
Elaine Watt

Production Images

Stage Manager Sarah Balkwill
Lighting set Huw Pritchard
Lighting operate Andrea Langeveld
Lighting shadow Theresa Mulkerrin
Sound set & operate Marian Walker
Prompt Sylvia Collins
Scenic Artist Susan Petit
Crew Chief George Mavin
Wardrobe Maureen Duffy, Sarah Balkwill, Gillian Rolfe
Convenor Jo Rendall
Photographs Andrew Swallow & Jenny Race
Props Linda Wilde, Lorna Watson, Ross Billingham

Directed by

Jim Race