Vacancy: Evening Caretaker Required

Little Theatre Gateshead

1 – 4 Saltwell View Gateshead

The Little Theatre  Gateshead is looking for an evening caretaker to help with the care and maintenance of the building.

Reporting to the Theatre Manager the job will necessitate the successful applicant to be on duty at least four days per week outside of shows and for most  performances at the theatre. Finish times for the caretaker during performance weeks are usually 11.00 pm.

Duties will include general cleaning duties, ensuring the bar recycling is dealt with on non performance evenings and where applicable locking up the theatre in the evening. 

Monitoring safety systems including testing the fire alarms each week is an essential part of the job.

Times can be negotiated with the board but will need to fit in with rehearsals and performances.

Remuneration will be the National Living Wage plus 50p. (currently this will be £11.94 per hour)

If you are interested please apply to 

[email protected]

to arrange an interview and receive a job description.