Autumn Season 2018

Progressive Players

Bedroom Farce

by Alan Ayckbourn

8th - 13th Oct 2018

Trevor and Susannah, whose marriage is on the rocks, inflict their miseries on their nearest and dearest: three couples whose own relationships are tenuous at best. Three bedrooms, four couples, one very long Saturday night, and another fantastic comedy evening from Alan Ayckbourn, one of the UK’s best loved playwrights.

Neil Radbourne
Rosie Luffingham
Chris Corbett
Michael Connelly
Jane O'Keeffe
Sean Turner
Sue Clark
Suzanne Clare

Production Images

Stage Manager Gordon Dunlop
Set Design Robbie & Judith Carruthers
Set Construction George Mavin, Gordon Dunlop, Rob Williams, Owen McDonnell, Kevin Thew, Terry Collier, Gavin Jaques, Robbie Carruthers, Judith Carruthers, Huw Pritchard
Wardrobe Jordan Graham & Jo Hall
Prompt Nicola Bache
Lighting set Robbie Carruthers
Lighting operate Eva Chatzaki
Sound set Chris Hill
Sound operate Nathan Butterfield
Properties Linda Wilde & Jo Gaskell
Convenor Marie Dawson

Directed by

Judith Carruthers