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Spider's Web


by Tim Kelly adapted from novel by Mary Shelly


11th - 16th December 2017

Doors open at 6.30pm and all performances commence at 7.15pm

There will be an interval of approximately 15 minutes


Victor Frankenstein has created a 'creature' made up from the pieces of the dead. He realises he has made a mistake and retreats to his Swiss chateau to lie low.


The creature tracks him down and makes it clear he is lonely and wants a wife. Will Frankenstein dare?


Sandra Bones

Chris Corbett

Eva Chatzaki

Jeff Harpin

Lucy Pritchard

Tabatha Clark

Nick Tennant

Daniel Powell

'Frankenstein' at the Little Theatre Gateshead, December 2017

'Frankenstein' at the Little Theatre Gateshead, December 2017

Production team
Stage Manager Grace Ridley
Set Design Susan Petit
Crew Chief Gordon Dunlop
Set Construction George Mavin, Gordon Dunlop, Terry Collier, Gavin Jaques, John Woods, Huw Pritchard
Wardrobe Maureen Duffy & Cathy Williams
Prompt Val Neal
Lighting set Phil Campbell
Lighting operate Andrea O'Neil
Sound set & operate Wayne Fox
Properties Melissa & Lilian Palmer
Convenor Jenni Craig

Directed by Marian Walker