SPRING Season 2019

Progressive Players

House Guest

by Francis Durbridge

10th - 15th June 2019

Robert and Stella learn that their son has been kidnapped - not for ransom, but to force them to allow one of the kidnappers to remain in their house. Two other men, supposedly police officers, arrive and reveal that one of the kidnappers has been murdered. Soon, however, it is clear that these two are far from what they seem. A highly exciting thriller.

Dan Wilde
Jane Bowron
Bill Harrington
Al Gonella
Nicola Dent
Suzanne Clare
Phil Alexanders
Rachel Mark

Production Images

Stage Manager Nathan Butterfield
Set Design Marie Dawson & Gordon Dunlop
Crew Chief Gordon Dunlop
Set Construction Rob Williams, Gavin Jaques, Huw Pritchard, Marie Dawson, Chris Hill, Gordon Dunlop, Dan Wilde, Jane Bowron, Jordan Graham
Wardrobe Jordan Graham
Prompt Lynn Sutton
Lighting set Robbie Carruthers & Alex Brandon
Lighting operate Andrea O'Neil
Sound set & operate Chris Hill
Properties Jo Hall, Jo Gaskell, Sean Hanlon, Ian Johnson, Linda Wilde

Directed by

Marie Dawson