A close-up view of a bauble on a Christmas Tree. The interior of the Little Theatre foyer windows are visible in the background

Happy Christmas from the Little Theatre Gateshead

Our month of Christmas fun at the Little Theatre has drawn to a close after three fantastic shows, and we think there’s really been something for everyone.

The Progressive Players asked for help from the children (and adults) who visited us for Santa’s Knockout Christmas – and we hope that after helping him recover from his nasty knock on the head that he’s visited you all today!

After that it was the heartwarming radio play, It’s a Wonderful Life which had fantastic reviews from our audiences.

And of course, we’ve just had a riot of a time with Beauty and the Beast.

There’s loads coming up in 2024 – keep an eye on our site for more information – but we can tell you that the pantomime will be back in December, with Peter Pan. Tickets flew out in 2023, so make sure you book early!